I've always been an adventurous, natural woman. My dream job was a nurse, but something kept me from doing it. At the time o my self-discovery, I had been caring for my grandmother for 1 year.
One day, as if struck by lightning, I knew:"I want to become a hairdresser." I was fortunate enough to begin a hairdressing apprenticeship in 1982 at the Salon Intercoiffeur Lachinger in Seewalchen, Austria.
The role of a hairdresser is to make people beautiful, so I was already beginning to ignite my passion, working from my heart. Did you know that the hairdressing profession came from nursing? It was and it is an very important part of well- being and healing. It has come full circle.
Another phase of life began in 1992 with the birth of my son Dominic. This experience led me back to nature. In the salon, my lungs could not breathe in the chemicals and my skin and nails were allergic to them, too. As a brave young mum, I did not shy away from completing the masters and company exam in 1997. This opened up the space for self-employment. On my journey much additional training lay over knowledge of natural hair care. After a year as a mobile hairdresser, I did my own thing. Twenty years ago, this was the time to build a bridge, to work completely free of chemicals. During a customer's rinse-
off of a chemical hair color, I had a deep spiritual awakening and received a very profound message.
I realised that chemical hair and body products poison the body, the water and the earth.
A deep feeling of certainty settled inside of me
service to the Divine
I would devote

Honour the water
Let my heart burn for my destiny
Sing to mother earth
Let the air be carried in all directions

From that day on, I followed my heart's calling

I feel your hair....your hair soften..........and are open to the Divine.




Since 2011 I have lived in Australia with my husband Xantor. Here in Melbourne (Panton Hill), I lead Shakandra's Light Centre for Spiritual Growth!
The connection to nature, the 4 elements and the spirit has deepened my inner and outer development in Australia - Here I am at home.

Thank you Xantor for your kind and powerful support of my journey!
Sunshine from Australia for my son Dominic with his young family to Austria.