Let the force picture connect with your heart.
The joy and renewal of your consciousness that you can experience through The Path into light is
to bring this NEW - UNKNOWN CONSCIOUSNESS to be RECOGNICED in your life.


"There is only one way YOUR,
there is only one goal YOURS"


One day a client and spiritual teacher told me about the seminar THE PATH INTO LIGHT.
I listened attentively and it did not take long for me to register with her.
My decision does not need many words! It is a feeling in my heart that gives me my answer!
I have had very deep experiences and deep insights - also laughed a lot! And it has always given me the certainty of coming home ... To go my own way is not always the simplest, but the most beautiful.


These days have left a trail for my life. My sensibility stabilized.
I feel confirmed that there is much more between heaven and earth than we can ever guess. As a child, I was very perceptive and this was allowed to return now.

As a spiritual teacher, I recommend the path that I took myself.
Let yourself be guided and let your heart decide!

Let me know when you are ready


People who meditate twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes each are in better health than people in similar life circumstances who do not meditate.

Regular meditation is the foundation and backbone of all spiritual development.

Getting a start to it is the most difficult thing. Having the discipline to continuously doing it is the second most difficult thing.

Me hubby Xantor and I run regular meditation classes to help you to start your meditation practices and keep them going. Each time you attend you will feel more empowered and encouraged to look after yourself instead of allowing life to taking over. Also, meditating in a group is easier and more powerful than just by yourself. Come and join us in our Wednesday night sessions at 7pm and feel what difference it makes to your life.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

Shakandra Weinberg

21 Bishops Road
Panton Hill VIC 3759 | Australia | 0450 400 428

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