The Hair Temple

I am Shakandra and I welcome you to The Hair Temple of The Radiant Heart!

A sacred space that recognises that we are indeed sacred beings.
And we share in common a deep desire to be seen and met in that light - honoured and celebrated!

As a holistic hairdresser and energy worker, with over 25 years of professional experience I have developed a very different approach to the standard treatment of hair - one that is in greater harmony with the golden age we are entering and better reflects the level of self care many now aspire to.
I absolutely LOVE what I do and the basis of my philosophy is built upon two core principles: that I treat others in the manner that I would wish to be treated myself and that through the hair one can reach the heart!

It is such a pleasure to see the change in those who come to The Hair Temple as they relax, unwind and connect with themselves. For some, it is the very first time that they have experienced their hair being treated in a sacred and holistic way and it can impact people quite strongly, even inspire a remembrance of a deeper sense of worthiness. I have seen it with my own eyes!

I consider myself to be in divine service to true beauty- which in itself comes from a natural inner radiance rather than an outer effort.
This sort of beauty to me is expressed in people as a kind of freedom, a wildness, a liveliness and a playfulness, that literally radiates from someone who is comfortable with who they are.
My joy and intention in working with hair in this way is to restore, rejuvenate and enhance these emanations of well being.





Who comes to see me?

People of all ages, genders and walks of life come to The Hair Temple what they share in common is a desire for a more natural and visibly authentic result to improve the health, look and vibrancy of their hair, to offer themselves some quality time and self care and to surrender to a deeply relaxing treatment.

Do I colour hair?

I no longer offer colour treatments but I do offer a unique, individual consultation for people who would like be supported as they transition away from dyes and expensive highlights and return to their natural hair or embrace their silvery mane for the first time.
Many people express a real sense of liberation, confidence and relief from making the choice to return to their natural colour or in claiming at last their “diamond” strands and rocking them! I am convinced that it is the path to a more authentic radiance and beauty. The change is within you after all!

Do I offer other treatments?

As you will see on the Treatments page I offer a range of options that include energy work, head, hand or ear massage, hairbrushing, hot compresses, facial masks, ayurvedic oil conditioning, sound healing and more.
There is also the possibility to choose for a full day of indulgence and celebration for two people which includes a delicious healthy lunch.
Also for those who wish to mark a significant event, such as an important ending or beginning in their lives or a rite of passage of some sort - there is also the possibility to tailor a sacred ceremony - a personal and memorable ritual that befits the occasion or milestone.This is one of my favourite offerings!

Take your time to read through the various options and I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have.

Experiencing The Hair Temple for yourself is the best way to appreciate what a nourishing and special gift this is to give yourself or another.

I look forward to welcoming you in person.

may the mango be with you!